Montreal’s Exocet Chair And Nyctale Table By Designarium

Based out of Montreal, Designarium is a firm dedicated to synthesizing design quality and aesthetics under the leadership of designer Stéphane Leathead. One of his greatest design contributions also happens to be a personal favourite of mine: the Exocet Chair.





What is principal functional of this design? I believe that the arrangement of two modular curved interlocked forms, moving freely, but securely on a hinge,  offers a dynamic use of its surfaces in a multitude of ways.







The hinge acts as a binding centrepiece, comprised of a metallic doughnut shape with a void centre. It compliments the plywood both materially, and in its organic form that flows naturally and intuitively.






The layered plywood locking the two halves together is a greatly practical construction solution to the concept, not to mention that it allows for a customization of appearance; the piece is available in a variety of veneers, including white oak, cherry, walnut, maple, and mozambique.





Based on the same principal, the Nyctale Table was designed as a set piece to its big brother so to speak.





It compliments its seating counterpart both in its design and in function as a side table. The Nyctale table rotates outwards to create a larger serving space by doubling its surface area. Simultaneously, its two states can be strategically manipulated in function and placement as the piece expands and contracts to change size.





Designarium is an excellent example of innovation in design engineering, as well as an impressively imaginative approach to the most common unresolved problems in furniture; space and form.





As seen in the images, the modularity of these pieces creates a number unique possibilities of variation, depending on the situational needs and preferences of the user. It is apparent that the philosophy behind these designs is geared towards one thing: the user's experience; Combined with its strong sense of aesthetic composition, these designs serve as both a standard and an example to furniture designers everywhere!


For more great projects like this one, please check out Designarium.


Photos courtesy of Designarium.

Researched and Written by Mikhail Shchupak-Katsman, Undergraduate Environmental Design, OCAD University.

Posted In: Quebec

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