Pewter Picture Holders By Amos Pewter, Nova Scotia

I have always admired residences where family photographs are predominantly displayed. After all, showcasing your love for family front and center is what turns a house into a Home!

Amos Pewter, of Nova Scotia, specialize in creating a diverse range of pewter gifts and home décor, including some stunning picture frames. Handcrafted in their Nova Scotia-based workshops pewter, a classic material, is intricately shaped into art by their skilled designers.

I find their Picture Holders particularly engaging, and one of the company’s most popular items.



Sable Island Picture Holder, by Amos Pewter



Amos Pewter Picture Holders become part of the photographs themselves. Pictures can be displayed alone, or with a coloured matt to focus the viewer’s eye.

The Picture Holders blend the line between frame and photo, augmenting and elaborating on the story within the photos. 




Loons Picture Holder by Amos Pewter.



In appropriate maritime fashion, many designs take inspiration from nautical themes, and the eastern coastal landscape.

Many of the Picture Holders pay tribute to iconic images and landscapes of Nova Scotia.




Peggy’s Cove Picture Holder displays Nova Scotia's infamous Peggy’s Cove.



The Dory Picture Holder is perfect for cottage and seaside memories. It’s the one I chose to commemorate my trip to the Maritimes last fall, where I discovered more amazing maritime traditions, including the history behind the display of an Acadian Star.




Dory Picture Holder by Amos Pewter. 



The Picture Holders frame can hold stacks of multiple photos: this introduces an uniquely interactive element to your photos. 

With many pictures able to be held within one frame, the viewer is invited to bring photos to the front. The frame invites active engagement with your photos, a tactile quality that a traditional picture frame (with photos locked in place) does not allow!

Engage physically with your memories – change the viewing of photos from a passive, to an active, and interactive moment!




Beach Treasure Picture Holder by Amos Pewter.


If you’re like me, and have a hard time choosing the best memory to define your trip, a Picture Holder is an ideal display medium!

I believe the frame’s versatile quality, combined with the intricate craftsmanship, is what makes the Picture Holders the most popular item of Amos Pewter products

This is only a small sampling of the array of Picture Holder designs available, which can be ordered online! View more stunning home décor by Amos Pewter.


All photos courtesy of Amos Pewter.

Researched and Written by Emily E.A. Stringer, Undergraduate of Sociology, and Geography: Environment & Sustainability, at the University of British Columbia.

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