Playful Household Products Designed By Montreal’s TOMA

TOMA, a sustainable Montreal based product design company, invigorates everyday objects into fun and playful designs. Their products range from flexible flower vases, to eccentric clocks and functional tables. While all their creations are playfully different, each design proudly displays the “Made in Montreal” label and follows green philosophy by using recycled (or recyclable) materials. 

TOMA’s designs engage the visual aesthetics while simultaneously re-invents an objects’ plain existence in a daily ritual.




Two coat hangers, each logically named Outer loop and Inner loop, are a quirky reinvention of the stereotypical coat hanger. It is made completely from Russian birch plywood, and its spirited design is not without function. The loops double as a secondary purpose for hanging scarves, gloves, and umbrellas!




Heightening the whimsical concept of time is their design of a minimalistic clock. It is constructed of synthetic and thick paper that's held together with two chrome clips. The simple design comes in a variety of primary colours. The clocks are delivered flat with the timing mechanism installed, however, in part with TOMA’s motto of putting fun into daily life, the clocks require to be assembled; the paper must be folded, the clips must be added, and the numerals (die-cut) must be popped out.





Another popular product collection is their designs of flexible vases. Made of recycled plastic, the vases are able to unfold and take form when filled with water.




A larger piece from their zany and fun collection is a multi-functional table-stool that can be used as a night table, side table, stool, or an entry way storage unit; It features flexible and adaptable abilities that cater to the changing pace of life and its users!

TOMA has expanded their national presence with countless stores in Quebec, and a few suppliers in Toronto, Saint John and Vancouver. They opened their doors as a studio in 1990, and originally provided consulting, and graphic design solutions. Anne Thomas (the creator, designer, and artistic director), launched TOMA into an industry that's quickly evolving as it continuously grows and produces innovative designs. Make sure to visit TOMA to learn more!

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Photos courtesy of TOMA Objects.


Researched and Written by Crystal Yung, Architectural Studies, University of Waterloo

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