Raise the Flag! By Halyard

Check out these beautiful accents for the home from Halyard!

Halyard is a company owned by Toronto based artist, designer and maker Liza Wallman.

It’s unique company name is a reflection of its unique practices. Halyard, meaning a rope for raising and lowering a flag, specializes in creating accents for the home in the form of custom flags.


Image Courtesy of  Alex Lee at Young Hearts Photography


Wallman has a BA in art history and is currently completing her Masters at OCAD University. Her interest in history is a large influence in her work, as historically flags have served as a visual mode for unifying entire nations.

Her work highlights the symbolic power that flags as objects have in their capacity to capture the essence of the identity of a nation and individual.


Image Courtesy of  Alex Lee at Young Hearts Photography


The significance of the flag as a symbol of national and personal identity is further emphasized by its materiality. Wallman uses reclaimed wood from her family barn in Markham, Ontario, to make the flags, which she then sands and stains to give them a vintage feel. 

The flags have a rustic character that physically reflects the history they symbolize.


Image Courtesy of  Alex Lee at Young Hearts Photography


Her practice has a very sentimental approach, as each piece becomes infused with her own personal family history.


Check out some more beautiful custom flags by Halyard at http://halyardflags.wordpress.com and Halyard Etsy Shop at https://www.etsy.com/shop/halyard



Researched and Written by Gorana Tolja, Graduate of the Ryerson School of Interior Design & a MA Student at OCAD University in the Contemporary Art, Design and New Media Histories program, focusing on contemporary design history.

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