Toronto’s Urbanproducts Design Sport Inspired Products

Now that Autumn is hinting its demise, it's time to take out our winter gear and get ready for the cold! Brrrrrrr!

Canada is known for its brutal cold winters. With its dynamic frozen landscapes and frosty stark white beauty, it is hard to deny that Canadian winters are part of our identity as a country. That being said, “We The North” are known for our hockey and skiing, so what can better represent Canada than Canadian sport-inspired home products? Step-in Urbanproduct, a design team located in Toronto, that has an artful collection of eccentrically Canadian inspired home products,.

Let's begin our tour of Urbanproduct's brilliant collection with the ‘Bowlskii’ (seen below). This bowl is crafted with re-purposed skis and wood veneer. It can definitely make for a conversation-starting center piece!





Following this cute sporty motif is their next product called ‘Coatskii’. Can you guess what this one does? Spanning 6 feet tall it is made from re-purposed skis held together by a baseball bat, and dressed in walnut veneers. This stylish coat hanger could be a perfect addition to a mud room or a front entry.




Their last product within this collection is called ‘Shelfskii’. Are you getting the hang of the names yet? Similar to the other products, it is built from re-purposed skis, and clad with walnut veneers. It measures 4”x7”x4”, not including the skis. While the shelf itself is quite shallow, it sufficiently satisfies many uses, such as a place for your keys (it has magnets!), a place to hang hats (or should I say toques?), and a spot for your coats (simply hang them on the skis)!





Finally drifting (pun intended) from skiing is their hockey inspired coat hangers, ‘Schtick’. These are made from two re-purposed hockey sticks fused together and are able to be custom made to fit any space.





Urbanproduct succeeds in making uniquely Canadian products inspired by our inevitable winter months playing these vivid sports. Be sure to visit Urbanproduct to see more of their other works that include intricate wooden pieces to larger live edge furniture.

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Photos courtesy of Urbanproduct


Researched and Written by Crystal Yung, Architectural Studies, University of Waterloo

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