Truly Canadian Pillows

Who wouldn't want to lay their head down on these beautiful pillows inspired by the Canadian wilderness?

Featuring iconic Canadian animals, these pillows are the creation of Toronto based textile designer and maker, Fionna Hanna.

The images Hanna uses for her designs are inspired by her childhood in the country, her Biology degree, and her daily life in Canada. Her method involves silk-screening images onto fabric, and then stitching and embroidering on top of the print to create a textured look.

Hanna silk-screens the print of the animal onto the 100% quilters cotton front, and then machine embroiders the red article of clothing onto the print. Her practice displays her environmental consciousness, as the back of the pillow is made from an eco-friendly linen, and the ink used for printing is water-soluble and non-toxic. 

Image courtesy of Fionna Hanna


Above we see a Canadian Moose sporting some very chic earmuffs.


Image Courtesy of Fionna Hanna


Here the Canadian Beaver is ready to brace the cold with his charming red toque.


Image courtesy of Fionna Hanna


The Canadian Goose is flying in style with a daring, red-ribbon scarf.

The sheer hilarity of Canadian animals getting dressed up for the winter is what makes Hanna’s pieces so undeniably charming.

The smooth, solid black lines of the print invoke a graceful gesture of movement, while the bright red accent is both eye-catching and fun.

Here's more of fantastic Fionna Hanna’s work!



Researched and Written by Gorana Tolja, Graduate of the Ryerson School of Interior Design & a MA Student at OCAD University in the Contemporary Art, Design and New Media Histories program, focusing on contemporary design history.

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