Turquoise Shed On Prince Edward Island

From the little island called PEI come some big ideas. Turquoise Shed is a two-woman interior-design outfit in Charlottetown that in three short years has become nothing short of a sensation. They do residential and commercial interior design, as well as custom furniture, which is what I want to focus on this time.

The notion of taking part in the creation of your own furniture seems to have been lost with the rise of a certain Scandinavian furniture store, with the frugality that was the psychological upshot of the recent economic crisis and with, shall I say, a certain apathy that has become commonplace. Turquoise Shed’s Carly Martin and Melissa VanToever want to brush all that carelessness and alienation away and help us love ourselves and our spaces again!

And brush they do. They firmly believe that paint goes just as well on wood as on any other material. See how the painted chair shines:

photo: Turquoise Shed -

Another element in their amazing design is their choice of fabrics. They strike the right balance between simplicity and ornament by framing little bursts of colour on a monochrome base, and always, always making sure that the fabric matches with the furniture it's on:

photo: Turquoise Shed -

photo: Turquoise Shed -

The green on the seats gives a fresh flair to the floral designs on the backs!

photo: Turquoise Shed -

And look at these cute dresser knobs they made. They're elegant and vividly whimsical, adding a healthy dose of imagination to what looks like a child's bedroom.

photo - Sea and Be Scene -

I strongly encourage you to check out their website.

These are the sorts of gems which exist on Prince Edward Island!

** Photography By Turquoise Shed and Katelyn Fraser Photography

Research and Written by Josh Patlik, Student of International Development & Political Science at the University of Toronto.

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