Urban Fabric By Toronto Designers Four O Nine

The Toronto designers, Four O Nine have garnered international attention since the company was founded in 2011.

Cofounded by Andrei Zerebecky and Lukasz Kos, graduates of the University of Toronto, their innovative designs range from architecture to furniture, found from here to Shanghai.

Photograph courtesy of Allan Kosmajac

The Urban Fabric area rugs are a beautiful addition to any interior space.  I think they are an incredible addition to any decor.  

Four O Nine describes their series of area rugs as, "inspired by the man made patterns inscribed upon the Earth's surface through the development of our agriculture, infrastructure and architecture."

Photograph courtesy of Allan Kosmajac

This Toronto design shows, through texture, the layout of the buildings of the downtown core.

You can feel your way through the neighbourhoods and along major streets of Ontario's capital. 

Human kind is constantly shaping and manipulating the world around them – these area rugs remind me of this.

Photograph courtesy of Allan Kosmajac


Although there are designs for world cites such as Manhattan and Shanghai, Toronto is the first Canadian city to be represented by Four O Nine. 

It's a subtle design. If you don’t know what you're looking at, you might not see it at all.

What buildings can you identity?

Designed by Four O Nine

Researched and Written by Sarah Coates Masters Student of History, University of Toronto

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