Vurv Design’s Camille Floor Desk, Coquitlam, BC

With the scale of 21st-century industrial mass production, fine craft is becoming more of a rare commodity than a standard of design.

Few collectives recognize the detriment of sacrificing quality for efficiency; Vurv Design - run by Glenn Ross in Coquitlam, BC - is among the few.

One of my personal favourite pieces is the Camille Wall Desk; a clever combination of storage, and workspace. 





The piece is constructed entirely from what seems to be half-inch plywood. The material advantage here is that the wall thicknesses are even throughout, so compositionally their weight is distributed perfectly evenly.

In addition, certain types of plywood can be easily manipulated to bend, and create distinctly modern shapes while still retaining their more traditional texture and feel.





The space is made to contain the main section in the middle of the piece, allowing for additional storage above and below it. Inside are two vertical shelf slots, one horizontal one, and three drawers beautifully cut and assembled with dovetail joints

Perhaps most importantly, would be the cover which can be flipped to turn into a rather useful flat table area.







The desk is covered in a lovely walnut veneer and is charmingly accented by the lighter pieces inside the desk, as well as the side rim of the plywood itself.

It can sit atop a desk or any elevated workspace of some kind, but in a design variation also has the capacity to adopt a stand comprised of three curved legs, also made of the same half-inch plywood/veneer combination as the desk. The creative versatility of this piece gives it an edge over an ordinary desk and shelving units I've come across.







The efficiency of the space the wall desk takes up is matched by its aesthetic value as an engaging piece of storage, and in my opinion is a considerable sign of an excellent mind in design.

Please check out Vurv Design for more examples of great design, especially if you have a pet - as there are some amazingly inventive pieces for your furry pal!

Photos courtesy of Vurv Design.


Researched and Written by Mikhail Shchupak-Katsman, Undergraduate Environmental Design, OCAD University.

Posted In: British Columbia

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