Westeros Wall-Hangings By Humdinger Designs In BC

Canadian homes are not impervious to pop culture trends; in an increasingly globalized world, pop culture is pervasive. For many we crave it. We love the excitement of sharing something with a complete stranger. While our physical spaces continue to be fragmented, pop culture, in combination with the internet, is a mechanism for instant connection. (Some of the intricacies behind pop culture influences in Canada are explained in this article from J.J.'s Complete Guide to Canada).

Humdinger Designs is playing their part in this matrix. The design company specializes in creating aluminum wall-hangings for indoor and outdoor display. With a vast array of motifs and designs - ranging from nature, to sporting, to music - their gallery of aluminum decor is sure to appeal to any consumer.

However, one of their tree designs in particular will be instantly familiar to any customer.



Crying Weirwood Tree Silver with Red Leaves, by Humdinger Designs.



The Crying Weirwood Tree Silver with Red Leaves is a bold monument. It is one of a variety of Humdinger Designs' takes on the fantastical and godly tree species, a Westeros weirwood.

Humdinger Designs' interpretation of these godly trees from the Game of Thrones series is mesmerizing! The branches and bark are textured; the ‘hand-like’ red leaves of a weirwood are, in this Canadian incarnation, appropriately depicted as similar to that of a maple leaf.

When mounted, the weirwood wall-hanging is suspended an inch away from the wall, allowing for an intriguing and complex interplay between the branches and roots, and their shadows. This quality further elevates the ethereal quality of the weirwood design.

For Humdinger Designs, the Westeros influence does not end there.



Dire Wolf, by Humdinger Designs. 



I think I know which Westeros House Humdinger Designs favours; a dire wolf, snarling and strong, is the sigil of the northern stronghold of Winterfell.

As we live in the Great White North, I can’t think of a more appropriate 'House' sigill for Canadians to take up as an emblem in our homes! The contrast in these pieces, between the gritty art of metalworking and the casual pervasiveness of pop culture, is tangible. It also makes these items truly unique.

Alternatively, having such items made from metal is perhaps to be expected: I am a huge believer in form following function, and there is perhaps no material more fitting to create a tribute to the Game of Thrones series than metalwork.

Coming from a company that works to create wall emblems representative of Canadian life...




Aluminum Salmon, and Lighthouse, by Humdinger Designs. 



...in the same way the Westeros House sigils demonstrate their own personal values, this mashup between form and inspiration feels a perfect fit.

As a fan of the Game of Thrones series, I am personally ecstatic to see a Canadian designer and artist working popular culture into their designs.

See more of the impressive body of work by Humdinger Designs!


All photos courtesy of Humdinger Designs.

Researched and Written by Emily E.A. Stringer, Undergraduate of Sociology, and Geography: Environment & Sustainability, at the University of British Columbia.

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