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Welcome to 2019!! 

As our first post of the year, we're greeting the New Year sharing our reader's Top Five most popular posts on in 2018!


But first, as the purveyor of, a proud Canadian, a realtor in Toronto, and a guy with a healthy obsession on all aspects of shelter, I am delighted this website - now entering its seventh year - continues to offer a unique point of view showcasing Canadian Architecture, Landscape, Design, Products and Real Estate - along with the homegrown talent who create it. After all, although the number of internet sites dedicated to shelter is substantial, those which are specific to Canada are not. - while niche - in my opinion has relevance. 

It's also a little different, in that the content here is researched and written mostly by post-secondary students pursuing an education in the shelter disciplines. I'd like to express my heartfelt thanks to each of the writers who have crafted content for the site. They are what makes this site especially rewarding for me, and I appreciate being exposed to so much Canadiana I might have otherwise missed.

So - with gratitude - allow me to share the Top 5 most popular posts of 2018 to commemorate another fantastic year at!




#1 This Manitoba Mansion Could Be Yours For $11,000,000

With all the attention focused on the Toronto and Vancouver luxury property markets, sometimes some interesting and impressive residences in other provinces get overlooked. Like this mansion in Winnipeg! Offered for sale for $11,000,000 - since 2015 - this mansion boasts six generous bedrooms, twelve washrooms and two pools (one indoors!). It was once owned by media mogul Israel Asper.

As one of Canada's most affordable housing markets, Winnipeg rarely sees a property listed for more than $2M. In fact, the median house price for the province at the time of this post is around $290,000! Which may be why this 23,000-square-foot Art Deco Style estate - that took six years to build - is still awaiting its suitor.




#2 The Laneway Housing Guidelines For The City Of Toronto

For those in Toronto who have long awaited the arrival of laneway housing as-of-right, it is now here, abeit in a confined area of the city thus far. Approved in June, it took the entire summer for the city to post by-laws as they pertain to this new housing type, which the real estate industry, property owners, and potential developers/end users are now assessing. As a realtor working in the original City of Toronto for 26 years (including all of the city's geographic boundaries for laneway housing), I can assure you the interest is enormous; Buyers are keen to secure an underutilized property with laneway housing potential!

A Laneway House is a "a self-contained living accommodation for a person or persons living together as a separate single housekeeping unit, in which both food preparation and sanitary facilities are provided for the exclusive use of the occupants of the suite and is in an ancillary building abutting a lane.” Find out more about this emerging dwelling type in this piece.

Writing credit to Brad Tapson at Sustainable.




#3 Oakville Ontario’s Chelster Hall Is For Sale For $59,000,000

Researched and Written by Hailey Hill, Interior Design student at Sheridan College.

Chelster Hall in Oakville, Ontario (a bedroom community of Toronto) was originally listed at a whopping $65-million, which officially made it the most expensive home for sale in Canada! Unfortunately, the home was taken off the market and then brought back out by Sotheby's International at a lower price:  $59,000,000. It may no longer be breaking any price tag records, but it's gaining a different sort of notoriety as a "hard sell", given it's seat at top of Canada's luxury real estate market. “It generally takes a couple years to sell. It’s a combination of patience and ultra-targeted marketing,” assures Paul Maranger, of Sotheby’s International Realty Canada




#4 Black Houses In The Canadian Landscape

When it comes to black dwellings, each viewer interpreting the look using their own intuitive reaction. For some a black property may perceived as too dark, ominous or formal, while others will see it as daring, dashing, or a bit of a surprise. Don't you love that sort of playful contrast in housing!?

One of the joys of perusing a site like is to discover that Canada has it's own emerging collection of black houses. Check out these black homes and how they each adapt to the terrain of Canada's natural landscape.




#5 Rethinking Plywood: Cheap Alternative Or Luxury Material?

Researched and Written by Mikhail SK, Undergraduate Environmental Design, OCAD University

For decades in the design industry, plywood has been branded a cheap material. My intent with the C-Ply table is to challenge that notion and to pose the question: what do we perceive to be high-end design?

So, what does luxurious design mean? To answer the question, I think we have to analyze the ideas and techniques behind the piece, rather than simply what it is or what it's made of. The real answer of course is subjective, so I'll leave that conclusion to you. But if I made you question that conclusion - whatever it may be - then I feel I've done my job already. And if nothing else - the piece is an interesting, enjoyable addition to any Canadian household.

For more work like this, you can check out MSK Design here.



Since 2013, I've invited Canadian Students from coast to coast who are enrolled academically in the fields of Architecture, Landscape, Interior Design, Industrial Design, or Canadian History of Art & Architecture (and other disciplines which include a focus on Housing and Home) to join the Houseporn Paid Internship and Mentorship Program. As part of this program, students are given the opportunity to research and write stories about our country's shelter industry, while I provide support, constructive criticism, and guidance throughout the process. I can't tell you how rewarding it is to watch students hone their craft while building a portfolio of written work which reflects both their passion of Canadian housing and their ability to be wordsmiths!

I continue to be inspired daily by the voracious young minds that share my love of houseporn, many who will undoubtedly contribute to a new generation of Canada's vernacular!


~ Posted by Steven Fudge, the purveyor of and proprietor of, a division of Bosley Real Estate Ltd., Brokerage.

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