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Is your property or listing for sale or rent unequivocably 'Canadian', by virtue of its vernacular, heritage, legacy or context? 

If your answer is 'Yes!", we invite you to make your submission for consideration and posting on HousePorn for free. We require the following:

Your property description:

Please provide adequate explanation on how your property is uniquely Canadian. Be concise. Be clear. If you are approved, what you write may be edited for content and clarity.


At least 1 photo is required and must be in .jpeg, .png or .gif format. We prefer more photos which showcase the property, so if you have those, please add them. Photos should be AT LEAST 700 PIXELS WIDE (height does not matter) And no larger than 320KB. You can resize your pictures here.


These are the most important requirements. The property MUST be special and relevant to Canada. You MUST disclose if you are in the Real Estate Industry and provide all pertinent details. or if the property is currently listed with a realtor. It is mandatory you provide their contact information. Furthermore, although Steven Fudge is a sales representative operating as a division of Bosley Real Estate Ltd., Brokerage, in now way is this site intended to solicit properties already listed with another brokerage. All parties hold him, his associates, and Bosley Real Estate Ltd., Brokerage free from any liability in this regard.


If you come across something you think we'd be interested in, just follow the same submission steps and add a link to the original post.

What happens after you click "Submit": Your post is sent to our "Draft" folder. We check out your submission and if everything is in place, we will post it within 10 working days. If it does not appear within 10 days, uh-oh, read the following.

Why your submission may not appear on HousePorn: Not all properties that come through here will make the cut. That is just the way it is. The most common reasons are:

  1. Bad photo or no photo.
  2. Not enough information.
  3. Incomprehensible description.
  4. The property does not have enough Canadian flavour to merit promotion.
  5. It does not match our own curatorial point of view.
  6. Promotion. The link you provide does not directly connect to the property being featured.
  7. More of the same. Eg. If we get 5 similar properties in a row, not all will get posted. Probably just the one that brings something new or different to our Canadian table.

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