Maclean’s Ranks The Best Communities In Canada 2019

Maclean's Magazine has long been a frontrunner in the Canadian news world.

We're big fans!

Releasing its first issue in 1905, the magazine has spent over a century earning its position as Canada's premier current affairs publication. But what is it about Maclean's that has made it the darling of the Canadian publishing world? While covering issues from politics and economics to human interest and pop culture through a lens that is uniquely Canadian, the magazine has stayed true to founder J. B. Maclean's goal to "entertain but also inspire". 



On the international stage, Canadians are often viewed as polite and humble to the point of passivity, which, I think, unfairly belays our passion and pride. While we may not be as aggressive or as loud about it as our neighbours to the south, Canadian just as fiercely patriotic, as well as supportive and protective of all that is uniquely "us". It's part of the reason this very website exists, after all: to promote Made In Canada architecture, landscape, design and products - including featuring the creative talent behind it - while celebrating our country's distinct sense of time, place and culture!



Recently, Maclean's Magazine released an extensive publication series called Canda's Best Communities 2019, which shines a spotlight on stellar places to live and work across the country. From sleepy suburbs to urban centres, Maclean's researched 451 communities, combing through exclusive statistics from Environics Analytics, as well as data of their own. They then compared and contrasted each community to its neighbours based on a series of specific criteria (wealth and economy, affordability, population growth, taxes, commute, crime, weather, access to health care, amenities and culture), and ranked them in categories that are applicable to the everyday citizen, such as 'Where To Find The Best Weather In Canada'.

How amazing is that?!



We love how accessible and digestible this series is, and how it further stokes our strong sense of pride in home and country. I love the focus on new families and new citizens. Of particular interest was Best Communities With Affordable Real Estate. As a realtor in the City of Toronto, I have my finger on the pulse of the urban market; it was interesting to see how some of the smaller, self-contained housing markets are faring across the country!

First, the communities were judged on ranked on the overall criteria of wealth and economy, affordability, population growth, taxes, commute, crime, weather, access to health care, amenities and culture. Then Maclean's eliminated any community with average housing prices over $500,000 from consideration. The full ranking contains 100 communities, but we've featured just the Top 10 below:



Real estate aside, we recommend you check out the overall rankings in the overarching Best Community category. Toronto ranked 19th - can you guess who the winner was this year?

We didn't!!



Burlington ranked in the top 25 in 6 out of the 10 criteria categories! It's also this year's #1 community in which to raise a family.

1. Burlington, Ont.

Population: 197,381
Regional Unemployment Rate: 4.7%
Median Household Income: $101,448
Average Household Net Worth: $1,099,461
Property Tax as % of Income: 2.4%
Total Days Above 20°C: 125
Crime Severity Index 5-year average*: 25
Family Doctors Per 100,000:* 102

"This Toronto suburb seemed to offer a little bit of everything. There’s proximity to the big city, of course, with housing prices that are more affordable and lot sizes that are bigger than those in the urban core. But Burlington also has easy access to the Hamilton-Niagara region, with its wineries, hiking trails along the escarpment and proximity to the U.S. border. Finally, there was a sense of community!"




Wondering where you might best fit in or be better served based on your personal preferences? Maclean's tried to weight the categories based on how important they thought each would be to the average person - but everyone’s priorities are different!  So, they've created an online tool you can adjust the importance of each category to suit your tastes, plus it provides more information about how each community ranked and why. Just move the sliders left or right to change the weightings, and you can find out what communities rank highest in the categories that matter most to you!



We applaud Macleans for their dedication to celebrating Canada (for over a century!) and providing a unique perspective on current affairs. It's true; we're now living in an age where print media seems to by slowly fading, and our favourite publications are turning to digital - but there’s something we'll always cherish about Maclean's whether in print (dog-earing pages of something we wnat ot read later) or on screen. 'Cheers' to an idustry standout that hopefully will continue to tell the Candian story - both by us and by us - for years to come.



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