Royal LePage Weighs In On Canada’s Housing Market


Despite what all the doomsayers are proclaiming, it appears the Canadian housing market is gently adjusting to the global financial crisis which has left so many other housing markets in the world somewhat battered and bruised.

In today's Toronto Star, according to a market survey by Royal LePage, "the Canadian housing market is expected to see a pickup in sales in the second half of 2013, but prices are likely to remain soft into mid-2014 when the country should start emerging from what’s nothing more than a “normal cyclical correction” that began a year ago."

The prairie provinces are expected to lead the way.

Click HERE to read the article (though I wished it offered some insights on the state of the market in The Atlantic Provinces!)

Incidentally, as Toronto realtor I've recently discovered that lenders are making it a lot more difficult to obtain financing on property. Under the Bank Of Canada's direction, the brakes are being put on to try navigate Canada's wonky market. Is it limited to just Toronto, or are Canadians across the country finding it ability to borrow? I'm interested.

Click HERE to read 'Five Reasons Why Getting A Mortgage Is Harder To Obtain'.

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