The ‘Museum Penthouse’ In Toronto Offered For $12,800,000

Offered for sale at $12,800,000, this Toronto Penthouse located at 206 Bloor Street West is one of the most expensive urban venues in the city.

Comprising 5,700 square feet, this 2-storey residence boasts one of the most incredible city vistas you can have.

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Immediately after picking up my jaw - which dropped on the floor after discovering this place - I quickly began researching the location, and was not disappointed. Located in the Annex - and across the street from the Royal Ontario Museum, the Royal Conservatory of Music and the grounds of the University of Toronto - its central location is truly 'living in the centre of it all'.

For those that might not know the area as well as most locals, here’s a little list of things to do around the area provided by

This is prime real estate, and with a panoramic view like this, the future owners of this stellar dwelling won’t be missing one bit of city action.


Seriously!? For anyone that watches the TV show Suits, welcome to Harvey Spector’s home sweet home. The spacious living room opens up to a second, similarly sized area for seating as well.

The walls provide contrast for the very high, very white ceiling in addition to the white tiled floor. You can see in the bottom section of this photo that yes, there is enough room for both a fireplace AND a grand piano.

No longer will we ever have to make the difficult decision between the two, phew.


Not to be a bit green with envy, but this bathroom is the size of a bedroom. Come to think of it, that bath is large enough to sleep in anyway.

You can see the double doors on either side of the bathtub part ways to a back room with what we can only assume is the area the house owner stores the violin players in between parties, or a shower. Probably a shower.

The entirety of the floor and walls are made up of a marble tile. You can only imagine how incredible the acoustics must be in this room are for singing in the shower. Oh come on, we all do it.

The three vertical paintings on the far wall give the room a bit of life, as for such a large room, there is little to do in regards to motif. I mean, if you would want to call it a theme, I suppose it would be cha-ching. Surprisingly, you would think a bathroom this big would have more than two towels. Moving onto the kitchen.

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Now THAT’S a kitchen! The cream color theme really give a human feel to the room, and go very nicely with the chocolate brown cabinets on the far side of the room. As you may have noticed, a flat screen television is available for the house guests to peruse while they eat their meals.

The stove is a double door, meaning that it allows for the added comfort of more room. This is a great feature for larger parties, as I’m sure is the case with a penthouse apartment such as this.

As a personal favourite addition to the building, the larger than life kitchen island means you will never run out of room while you cook no matter how much food you make.

The lighting all from the ceiling and features a number of small bulbs rather than a center location, which is often the case with bigger rooms. The drapes around the corner of the apartment have the added luxury of blocking the sunlight during the morning and again, the cream colour matches the chairs, ceiling and floor.

Photo: Torontolife

As a conclusion, this Museum House penthouse apartment is the place to be. With all the features of a home you could ever want, what’s more to ask for?


Photography courtesy of sothebysrealtybuzzbuzzhome, BlogTO & Torontolife

Researched and Written by: Shawn Fournier, Student of Journalism, University of Toronto, Undergraduate Studies


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