Canada’s Most Expensive Homes For Sale, By Province

Imagine for a moment that you suddenly have millions of dollars to spend on a new home, like the lucky lottery winners on HGTV's show My Lottery Dream Home. Where do you even start? Below we've compiled a list of the top 10 most expensive homes for sale in Canada - as of October 2019 - and organized them by province. If you ever strike it rich, these listings hint at where you might find a luxury home in your preferred style and locale!



Most of the homes on FreshDaily's Top 10 list are offered for around $30 million, but the most expensive home in the country right now, Chelster Hall in Oakville, tops the pack at $59,000,000. In fact, Ontario is home to the #1, #2, #5 and #6 slots. Three of these mimic a more classic style of architecture, indulging the owners' sense of old world luxury.


1# 1150 LAKESHORE RD E, OAKVILLE - $59,000,000


2# - 2275 DOULTON DRIVE, PEEL - $50,000,000


#5 - 71 THE BRIDLE PATH, TORONTO - $32,000,000



(This is the only property on the list whose value lies solely in the land value - all 96 acres of it!!)



British Columbia

It's certainly no surprise that many of Canada's priciest homes for sale are located in Metro Vancouver, a city which became internationally famous for the spike in it's real estate market three years ago. That said, BC Assessment’s 2019 roll notes that its assessed value of single-family detached dwellings have fallen by 4% in the city and 11% in the University Endowment Lands (UEL). While the Westside and Point Grey communities hold many of the more sprawling luxury properties, a couple more modern homes on this list are situated closer to the city centre. B.C. holds the #3, #4, #7, #9, and #10 slots.


#3 - 1233 TECUMSEH AVENUE, VANCOUVER - $39,980,000


#4 - 4788 BELMONT AVENUE, VANCOUVER - $32,800,000

#7 -1 FAWN BLUFF COVE, OTHER ISLANDS - $28,800,000

#9 - 4552 192 STREET, SURREY - $25,000,000


#10 - 3033 CHIPPENDALE ROAD, WEST VANCOUVER - $24,980,000




The odd one out on this Top 10 list, this preserved stone home sits on Montreal Island, and derives its value from its history, the street it sits on, and the upgraded interior. Lovely!


#7 - 41 AV. FORDEN, WESTMOUNT - $26,500,000


While the prices of these homes are already mindblowing, some of them were actually more expensive three years ago, at the height of the red hot real esate rage in British Columbia; Chester Hall was on the market in 2017 for $65,000,000! And while B.C. may not be as expensive as it once was, prices in Toronto are still climbing, albeit more slowly that a few years ago. Even rentals are becoming unaffordable downtown; rents have gone up a whopping 30 per cent in just three years across the GTA!

So, whether you're looking to rent or buy - and want to live in the centre of the action in Toronto or Vancouver - you'll need ot keep your fingers crossed for that lottery win.... or start getting used to a more rural residence!


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