Why We Love The CN Tower

If you ask me, no landmark represents Toronto more than the CN Tower which - from 1976 until 2007 - reigned as the world's tallest structure until the engineering marvel Burj Khalifa in Dubai took the crown. Even so, it still retains a spot in the top 10 tallest structures in the world at 553.33 meters (1,815 feet and 5 inches).

Completed as a testament to the strength and endurance of Canadian industry, 1537 workers toiled around the clock, 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, for 40 months to build the CN Tower. It weighs 117,910 metric tonnes (or 130,000 tons), contains 40,524 m3 (or 53,000 cubic yards) of concrete, 998km (or 620miles) of post-tensioned steel, 4,535 metric tonnes (or 5,000 tons) of reinforcing steel, and 544.2 metric tonnes (or 600 tons) of structural steel!

Which means you can't miss it!

But have you ever thought how the CN Tower - as a significant focal point on our urban landscape -  influences the Toronto real estate market?



A Landmark Like No Other

Face it, when your city has a phallic symbol 1800 feet high, you can't ignore it. It's impossible. It's omnipresent.

Every day - and at any time - when you navigate the city and you look up, the CN Tower is always there standing tall, guiding you home like a compass needle. Truly, the longer you live here, the more you come to rely on it like a trusted guide. Which makes it impossible not to fall under the spell of this iconic monument. Over time, when you can gauge the time based on how sunlight hits it, and you recognize what holiday, event or celebration is on the calendar based on the Tower's evening light show, you realize the CN Tower has become an essential point of reference for everyday life. It mnemonically anchors us.

Because the CN Tower serves as a collective place maker for all Torontonians - and because it's beautiful to look at - it would stand to reason that having a view of the CN Tower from your home would be considered prized.

In fact, when it comes to Toronto real estate, be assured if a property has even a hint of the Tower in its sight lines, you've got a hot commodity on your hands. Like any property that has a view, to have even a glimpse of the Tower enhances its desirability. Even if you have to stand on a balcony and turn your head 120 degrees to get a peek, being able to see the CN Tower from your abode bestows automatic cachet.

Back in the 90s, when I was in the early stages of designing my brick and beam loft in The Button Factory, I discovered one could glimpse the CN Tower through the 6 x 9 foot factory window of my second level master bedroom. Its spire reached above the rooftops of the houses on Clinton Street, and, to capitalize on this sight line, I elevated the master ensuite washroom two steps up, so when I emerged from admiring myself in the mirror, I could easily see it sparkling over the prettiest city gardens and enjoy the peek-a-view of the CN Tower!

This is what we Torontonians do if we have a CN Tower view!



The Everyday Mindset Of A Toronto Realtor

As a realtor who sells from The Beach to The Kingsway, and from Lake Ontario as far north as Sheppard, the CN Tower is my compass. It's what I look for as I navigate the dozens of arterial roads I drive most days. Furthermore, every property I list or show is marked on my mental map relative to its location to the CN Tower. It's not something I consciously do, but it's how I think. And if I can see the CN Tower from a property I'm promoting, I always take a pic.

In fact, here's the view from an exceptional 2-storey custom loft I'm selling in a converted church in Riverdale on the east side.

Can you see the CN Tower? Even though this loft is located near the Pape Subway in Riverdale (five stops east of Yonge/Bloor), all it takes is a quick peek southwest off the terrace to both orient yourself to the City, and align yourself with the synergy of downtown. This kind of CN Tower radar is what Torontonians subconsciously do!

By the way, if you're looking for an architecturally unique custom 2-level 2bed/den 2bath 2parking loft, check out A Heavenly Sanctuary In A Converted Riverdale Church Offered For $989,000.



Both Torontonians & Corporate Relocations Love A CN Tower View!

Years ago, when I arrived in Toronto to attend university I was blown away to see the CN Tower glittering in the sky as the car whisked me from the airport into the city on the Gardiner Expressway. Marveling at its looming stature and space-age shape, to me it represented a beacon of new beginnings. Since then I often wonder if every new arrival to Toronto is equally transfixed. I believe so. As far as I'm concerned, to be in its presence truly signals you've arrived.

In this regard, it's not only Torontonians who covet a view of the CN Tower. It's also any mover and shaker corporate relocation coming to the Bright Lights Big City urbanscape of The6ix with the aim of advancing their success and career-path. After all, what could be more affirming than orienting your new Toronto life with a vista of our city's infamous edifice? Nothing else screams "You Are HERE!" like this view:



Yes, I'd Like A Penthouse With A Postcard View Of The CN Tower Please!

The postcard views in the four photos above are in a penthouse listing I have listed right now near Yonge and Bloor at 33 Charles East. I have to tell you, never before in my 26 years selling real estate in Toronto have I had a listing with such an unparalleled view. Isn't it magnificent?

In addition to the sweeping south vista of Lake Ontario and the downtown core, this 2level 2bed/den 3bath 2parking 1locker glass-wrapped 1980 square foot contemporary jewel-box of perfection features nearly 1300 square feet of outdoor space perched on the 46th and 47th floor near Yonge & Bloor. If you ever wanted a residence with a view of the CN Tower, this is GOLD! 

Well-positioned amongst coveted amenities, in a setting of uncompromising elegance, this corner penthouse at 33 Charles Street East is special. If you're cosmopolitan, a non-conformist, and on trend (if not trend-setting!) this rare offering - well suited to the urbanite with cultivated tastes and a mise en scene lifestyle - is certainly worthy of consideration! Check out --> Culture, Couture & Contemporary Living At Casa Condominio Near Yonge & Bloor, Offered For $2,388,800.

Here's the video!



Yes, You Must Go Up The CN Tower

I highly recommend you go up the CN Tower. While a ticket up the tower currently costs $40, it's the only game in town to get a bird's eye view of Toronto (unless you buy my penthouse listing!). It's totally worth it, though make sure you go on a clear day to see the forever views and go early as the line-ups can be onerous. Every time I go I still shudder when I step on the Glass Floor (apparently it can support the weight of 35 moose!), and I have yet to brave the EdgeWalk - where you strap on a safety harness, go onto the roof of the CN Tower restaurant and hang off the edge - which is well-suited to thrill-seekers. The revolving restaurant in the CN Tower - called The 360 - is a bit pricey but you can access the LookOut and Glass Floor levels of the CN Tower, following your meal, with the purchase of a prix fixe by each guest. I once took a friend keen to overcome his fear of heights to The 360 one winter's eve and I have to say the meal - which uses Canadian ingredients - was very good, and we sat in an elevated booth which was very comfortable!



Here's the website for the CN Tower!


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